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Inspiration for Change: Make-a-Stand

What were YOU doing at Age 8??? 
Raising $150,000 to free human slaves? 'Cuz she is...

"I will sit at my lemonade stand every day, rain or shine, until I raise $150,000 for Not for Sale, an organization that is 're-abolishing' slavery.  When you buy #MAKEASTAND! Lemonade, you aren't just buying a drink, you are MAKING A STAND! [All] of our profits go to Not for Sale."   - Vivienne 

Did you watch that video? This little girl definitely has a spirit to serve others.  She dreams big and goes for it.  At age 8, Vivienne from Fairfax, California, USA is set on raising $150,000 to help FIGHT human trafficking!  Talk about taking action- she has raised $28,285 so far, and still counting! All proceeds go towards Not for Sale, an anti-human trafficking organization which helps rescue slaves of human trafficking (Check our previous post on Not for Sale HERE).

 Vivenee at her "MAKE-a-STAND" lemonade stand

She began the fundraiser June 24 after seeing a picture by Lisa Kristine, a photojournalist who documents enslaved people across the globe. The image showed two children in Nepal carrying stones.
"That was the tipping point for our family," said her father, Eric Harr. "You could feel the earth crack underneath us. Vivienne looked us square in the eyes and said, ‘We're doing something about this.'"
-Source: Hawaii News Now
Human Slavery.  Trafficking is estimated to be $32 billion industry, affecting 161 countries worldwide.  An estimated 12.3 million men, women and children are trafficked for commercial sex or forced labor around the world today.  Victims are trafficked both within and across international borders.  Migrants as well as internally displaced persons are particularly vulnerable, as evidenced by the aftermath of the earthquake in Haiti.
-Source: Polaris Project

So, how will you MAKE-a-STAND? If this 8 year old can... so can you!
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Nana Granada said...

so young yet with dreams so big =)

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i love when kids have these types of values and a great care for others. God bless her... :)

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i saw this a few days ago -- what an amazing little girl! its so admirable how motivated and informed she is. and so inspiring! loving this blog -- it is such a great idea


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Soeline said...

This young lady is a sweet heart.

Juju said...

so lovely, at 8 I played, played, played... I love that period: I am a lucky girl, my childhood was great!
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thanks for entering, good luck! this is so inspiring! sometimes we just get so caught up in our own thing it takes a child to do something to snap us back right?


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Anne said...

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I really love this idea of a charity blog :D When I was 7 years old I drew cards for the seaquake in Asia. This year I went to Zambia to help building a school and we had to raise a lot of money for that. We also did some teaching and things.

Love, Anne

Katie Marie Clarke said...

This is so inspirational!
Thanks for bringing this blog to my eyes!
I would love to be a part of this in anyway possible. even if its just dedicating a post to your blog.
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I think this blog is great!!!!

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